Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mess

It seems as if we are all here cleaning up the mess we have made.

Some make the mess, others organize it, and others actually get rid of it.

The organizers sort through it; measuring it, processing it, condensing it, separating it, dividing all its parts until they understand it.
But it is still there. It is not gone.
The clutter is gone, but the dirt still remains.
And they are not in the mess.
They are not part of the mess.
They are overlooking the mess. Trying not to let it actually touch them. to not let it contaminate them.

Others are in the mess.
They are dirty. They are not clean.
They are far from safe.
Yet they are touching it.
They are feeling it.
They are letting it understand them.

And they are changing it.

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Josh said...

I love this post. Seriously. I have subscribed to your genius and check it everyday. Keep them coming!