Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Green

go green.
and blue and yellow.
and maybe orange and purple too.
and don't forget black and brown.

become that.
become this.
but don't become it.

come here.
go there.
but don't go everywhere.

forget this.
forget that.
but don't forget me.

be here.
be there.
be everywhere.
in me.
in you.
in everyone.

clap your hands.
stomp your feet.
jump around.
and don't forget to skip.
maybe hop too.

wrinkle your nose when you smile.
cry when you laugh.
shiver when you are cold.
and wear sweaters too.

feel everything.
feel joy.
but feel pain too.
feel alive.
and feel free.
feel deep.
feel wide.
feel high.
feel low.
feel me.

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