Wednesday, October 14, 2009


And I don't mean world peace.

I mean inner peace.

Peace that comes from acceptance in the midst of uncertainty.

Peace that comes from understanding in the midst of chaos.

Peace that comes from hope in the midst of pain.

Peace that comes form love in the midst of despair.

Peace that comes from roses in the midst of thorns.

Peace that comes from options in the midst of instability.

Peace that comes from trees in the midst of a city.

Peace that comes from bikes in the midst of cars.

Peace that comes from flowers in the midst of a desert.

Peace that comes from a smile in the midst of blank faces.

Peace that comes from Ghandi in the midst of injustice.

Peace that comes from Mother Teresa in the midst of the poor.

Peace that comes from friends in the midst of strangers.

Peace that comes from laughter in the midst of tragedy.

Peace that comes from evergreens in the midst of winter.

Peace that comes from no answers in the midst of the questions.

Peace that comes from life in the midst of death.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Growth

So many processes in life can be understood through nature. Or more observing nature may enlighten a life process. Right now I'm healing. The forest of my soul has been burned to the ground. It needed to be. It knows the fire was good. Fire refines.

I tried to keep wet wood. I tried to distinguish the fire. It was too hot to bear. But without it complete, my forest had half trees and even a few full trees. They all needed to come down because new growth is coming. If I let it. If I let the fire consume me and resettle my ashes.

Now I can feel the new growth coming. It's poking through the grounds of my soul. And I'm excited to see what the things poking me will become. Maybe I'll get some apple trees or a peach tree. Maybe even a few sequoia trees. I hope it is fruit. That would give my forest some color. But I'm okay with whatever my forest will look like next. I think it's going to be quite full and lush. I think it will bring life to me and those around me.