Friday, March 13, 2009


Lives ruined by the cruelty of others.
The selfishness and the greed. The carelessness and the numbness. The pleasure and the thoughtlessness.
Power tricks people into thinking anything they do is okay because it is available for them to do. So they do.
And it is okay.

But it is not okay.

Everyone around them is missing something. Missing their wife. or their son. or their neighbor. or their leg. or their eye. or their house. or their food. or their hope. or their happiness. or their future.

I have not lost these things.
But I am lost.

I want to be selfless and giving. I want to be careful, but be free. and to be penetrated. I want to know and to reason. And to not have power so that I cannot be tricked. And to not have access to things I may do if only there were available.

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