Monday, March 7, 2011

In Progress

You set up traps for me.
And not just mouse traps.

You strapped me in your power belt,
the one that said "Gary" or "Bill,"
and sometimes tightened the notches.
I think you even made a new hole,
and not just in the belt.

You etched me into your guitar
and played me from your skyscraper,
the one that was your love for me.
And from the top you spit me out,
and it did not take me years to reach the ground.

You played me like a poker game,
and I could not call it honest.
From your deceit you stole from me,
and not just my money.

You smoked me like your cigarette,
sucked me in and blew me out.
and burned me past the filter


Josh said...

Perfect harmony.

Gwen said...

Love you Julie.